Eco Joy

Eco Joy is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people, communities, and the local ecosystem in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania through responsible tourism. Our approach involves combining practical benefits with enjoyable experiences.

To this end, we manage a 7-hectare property in the savannah of West Kilimanjaro, on which we engage in organic horticulture and forestry. Additionnaly we manage there a Bed & Breakfast and offer camping facilities. We organize adventurous cycling tours in the Arusha region and around Mt. Kilimanjaro. Also we promote cycling by organising a cycling challenge twice a year. Lastly we operate a peaceful Bed and Breakfast in Arusha in an ecologically responsible manner.

Kibo’s Ecoplace


It is a 7 hectare area of savannah on the outskirts of the village of Miti Mirefu. It gives access to the wildlife corridor between Amoboseli National Park and Kenya and Kilimanjaro National Parks. The intention is to reforest this piece of land in the hostile environment of the savanne (drought) and game and cattle (destroying young plants). We do this in an ecologically responsible way and .

At the same time, the local community (mainly Masaai) is encouraged to plant trees around their kraal . And to protect the plantations from damage by game or cattle.

Visitors are offered the opportunity to contribute financially to the reforestation to offset some of their CO2 emissions from air travel.

Organic farming

We are also engaged in organic farming on 2 acres of the plot for subsitence. We combine this with the tree plantation (agroforestry)

Camping and Bed and Breakfast

It also runs a B&B and camping site for retreat and as a staging area for the 6 day gravelbike Tour de Kilimanjaro Classic. And for the Bikesafari starting form Kibo’s Ecoplace.

This generates additional income for the land manager.

Tour de Kilimanjaro: gravel- and mountainbiking

We organise gravel and mountain bike tours around Arusha and Moshi . There are day trips from Themiview such as a city tour, a visit to a waterfall, a nearby crater, a lake where you can canoe and a visit to Hot Springs where you can swim. There are also multi-day tours such as the 3 or 4 day tour via the Hot Springs to Kibo’s Ecoplace for a 32km bike safari through a wildlife reserve and back to Arusha. Or the 6 day Classic Tour around Kilimanjaro. It is also possible to do the bike safari only. In this case you will be taken by car to Kibo’s Ecoplace where you can do 1 or 2 bike safaris before being taken back to Arusha. The staff involved in the bike safaris will be able to earn some extra money to make their lives a little more comfortable.

Themi View Bed and Breakfast

Themi View is a residential villa in the quiet Njiro peninsula, situated on the banks of the Themi River gorge. It It has 5 double rooms . The operation of the B&B enables the staff (manager, cleaner, gardener, cook) who work there to receive a good and fair salary. The B&B also serves as a safe haven for people who, in one way or another, need a quiet and safe place to stay temporarily, for example in case of illness or unsafe situations at home.

After ensuring a decent income for the people involved in these activities and making provision for maintenance, repairs and depreciation, any surplus income is used to provide scholarships.

Achievements to date

Students supported to date: 9. Education ranges from short courses, proper vocational training to university education.

Reforestation: trees planted to date: 330. Supporters reforestation to date: 6

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