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Themi View Bed & Breakfast

Themi View - Bed & Breakfast can safely and comfortably accommodate single guests and groups up to 10 people. With its magnificent balcony and lush gardens Themi View offers you a silencing view of the famous East African sunsets.

Beautiful location

Themi View is situated nearly at the end of the Njiro peninsula of Arusha Town, right on the border of the Gorge of the Themi river. As it is located only 15 minutes from town centre and 3 minutes from the Arusha ring road (the bypass), it gives easy access to the game parcs as well as Kilimanjaro Airport.

Magnificent sunset view

Sitting on the balcony or on the bank of the Themi river gorge, looking west, enjoying a meal or a drink you can marvel at the splendid colours of East African Sunsets.

Delicious food

Our cook prepares delicious food, both local (e.g. chapati and chai) and continental. Breakfast with home baked bread, 3 course dinners, even for special diets (vegetarian, diabetes).

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