Who are we?

Themi view is a private residential home designed  as a family house and outfitted to welcome a limited number of guests.  I was fortunate to be born in a family where my parents gave me the chance to pursue my own ideals, this very much against time spirit and pressure on my father from other family members . “Girls should not study”. As a result of my father’s perseverance I managed to pursue a life different from  subsistence farming. Grateful to my parents I want to give other children the chance to escape from  the poverty trap. I think that further education is the best guarantee for this.

The purpose of the family home is to provide an income for family members and  use the surplus income to support family members for (further) education.

People supported to date

  • African Joachim Shayo, Morogoro Vocational Teachers Training College, Vocational Teachers Certificate Course, Morogoro  2010-2011; currently employed as an electrician at TANESCO
  • Anna Joachim Shayo, Northern Highlands Teachers College Moshi 2009- 2011, Certificate of Teaching; Employment: Mzimkuu Primary School, Kwekanga, Usambara
  • Innocent Samuel Mrema, Hai Vocational Training Centre 2012-2015, Mason; Self employed, subsistence farming, Host Kibo’s Eco Place, Kibo’s Eco Place reforestration.
  • Benedict Edward Laizer, University of Dodoma 2011 -2015; Bachelor of Art Education; Moshi Cooperative University, 2015-2016, Post graduate Diploma in  Community Development 2016. Currently self employed: manager MTB project
  • Juliana Edward Laizer, St. Augustine University Mwanza 2012 -2015; Bachelor of Art in Sociology Social Development; Current employment: development worker, Dar es Salaam
  • Yohana Edward Laizer, Mombo High School, 2014 -2016, Advanced Level of Secondary Education; Tengeru  Institute of Community Development, 2016-2019, Bachelor in Gender and Community Development; seeking employment
  • Lazaro Edward Laizer; VETA Hotel & Tourism  Institute ,2018-2020, Certificate in Culinary Art ; proceeding education
  • Glory Samuel Mrema, Luanday Secondary School, Secondary Education, certificate of 4 yrs; College of Business Education, Accountancy; 2020 – date

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